Future Legends

Our coaches are committed to nurturing the self-concept of every child in our program by guaranteeing first individual, then team success. Their commitment is to encourage brave, creative leadership in every player. We will support children to dare greatly and not be afraid to make mistakes! As a result no risk will be feared- on or off the field. This child-first mentality is exclusive to the Legends Soccer Club. Legends players experience no guilt, no shame, and no blame!

Why Choose Our League? We aren't just any soccer league! We believe in teaching your little ones the skills they need to succeed at a very early age. We focus on individual skill with an age appropriate curriculum that cannot be rivaled by any club in town. The kids LOVE it! We don't just throw the kids on the field and let them go kick the ball. We care about our kids LEARNING and GROWING and that starts from the second they enter our league, even at 2 years old. Each team has it's own HappyFeet / Legends trained coach who will encourage your child to try new soccer moves in fun and exciting ways. It is our goal to build confidence in each and every child that joins our program. There is no fear of failure for any child in our program as making mistakes is all part of the fun! We hope to see you out on the field!

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Cost: $120 for the 7-week session   

Questions? Eddie.HappyFeet@gmail.com 561-513-4671

Save your spot and guarantee you are on the same team as your friends!


Interested in forming a team comprised of your child's preschool classroom or play group?

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It's guaranteed to be a blast and great exercise! 

League Dates:     $120


  • Future Legends: soccer for kiddos in Kindergarten - 3rd Grade (based on 2019/2020 School year)! We form teams based on age and gender. We cater teams to school groups (same preschool and/or classroom), play groups and friends, or other teams/groups. Questions? Email/call us.

WHAT For Kindergarten - 3rd Grade players. Sessions run approximately 60 minutes. On game day sessions will start with a 25 minute practice followed by a game (3v3 with goalies). Future Legends League is just $120 and includes 7 games, Future Legends soccer jersey, professional coaching and a soccer medal!


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Our history


Founded in 1989, the Legends Soccer Club organization started in Kansas City and now has sister clubs throughout the nation. The hallmark of all Legends teams is superb individual skill, notably deceptive dribbling and goal scoring. 

The Legends Club has an Academy teaching world class dribbling and finishing skills to better prepare players for the highest level of play. Since the inception of the Legends club teams with a majority of Legends trained players have won over 50 Kansas & Missouri State championships, placed 5 times in the USYSA National Championship Final Four (winning once), won 14 National Indoor Championships plus numerous other prestigious national tournaments.

philosophy and curriculum


A weakness of most coaches is that they pay scant attention to the leadership component of developing very young and adolescent players. Over time coaches usually develop reasonably astute tactical ability. They are "little commanders" moving men and weapons into different positions to create match-ups of superiority or hide areas of weakness. They have attended tactically-focused  coaching courses and read numerous books and magazine articles on strategic teaching and methods. These courses have convinced them that the best way to get success is to use what technical skills and leadership ability their players already have to steal the win against the next opponent. They have wrongly convinced themselves that finding the best way to arrange and use the troops to win is the main purpose of good coaching.